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Heritage and Environment Intern at Landward Research Ltd - Exclusive to UCL Summer Internship Scheme
Location: London
Position: Consultancy
Salary: London Living Wage (£9.75 per hour)
Date Posted: 20 March 2017
Vacancy Type: UCL Internship
Job Description:
Company: Landward Research Ltd
Job title: Heritage and Environment Intern
Job type: Summer Internship
Location: London,E1 8RB
Salary: London Living Wage (£9.75)
Start date: 10th July 2017
Duration: 6 weeks full-time - 10th July until 18th August 2017
Deadline: 10am Monday 3rd April 2017

The Company

Landward Research Ltd is consultancy which identifies and delivers ways to strengthen the skills, competencies and capabilities of individuals, organisations and communities.

Our work focuses on measuring, building and evaluating capacity development through:
the delivery of labour market intelligence research (to measure capacity and contextualise needs); we also undertake broader social and economic research that contributes to this area,
the development and delivery of e-learning and video training resources (to build capacity and skills), and
the monitoring and evaluation of educational programmes (to evaluate capacity development).

We are a not-for-distributable profit social enterprise with a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Any profits are reinvested in the company or invested in social and environmental causes. No profits are distributed to shareholders or other investors.

We have specialised in work with the heritage and environmental sectors, and we particularly seek to work in areas where the market fails to provide opportunities for human capacity development.

Landward Research Ltd has offices or staff in Sheffield, Edinburgh, London, Musselburgh, Stoke-on-Trent and New Mexico from which we seek to build global project partnerships.
We are a carbon neutral company.

The aims of this Internship

The main objective is to support the company’s ongoing projects, in the fields of 
labour market intelligence (within the heritage sector)
developing e-learning materials

The second objective is for the intern to identify and develop a proposal for a new project for the company to work on

Activities, duties and responsibilities

The intern will contribute to the company’s work in current and new projects, and to potentially bring in new ideas for the company.
Currently, we are close to completing a transnational project, “Innovative format of education and training of the integrated archaeological and natural heritage”, led by Polish partners, to develop training materials for heritage management professionals, and the Intern would contribute to research and promotion of this project.

We undertake some videorecording of conferences and training presentations, including as part of a major project to develop Online Resources and Training on behalf of Historic England, and the intern would be trained in videorecording and in the automatic transcription of text to prepare materials for the development of new e-learning materials.

We are working on two significant labour market intelligence projects in the USA, and the intern will contribute to data analysis and reporting for these.

We are also in the process of refreshing our online presence, including our library of e-learning resources, and will look to involve the intern in this work. 

Skills and Experience that will be useful for this internship - these will be used to shortlist candidates

We are looking for someone who is self-reliant, and who can work without constant close supervision 
Ideas and attitudes are more important than specific backgrounds. 

As well as doing research and reporting, we also would like to take on someone that has ideas that they want to develop and that can be commercialised. If their idea fits into – or even better, if it expands the company’s profile, then Landward Research Ltd would consider making a real capital investment in supporting the project. 

While we are interested in developing the company’s work in the areas of: 

- Labour Market Intelligence
- Heritage Management
- Skills and Training Needs Assessment
- E-learning development

But, again, an enthusiastic and energetic student from any course who has the right kind of ideas might fit into the bigger picture very well.


Please note: If you are successful in being made an offer from the company for this internship, you will need to complete an Internship Agreement Letter and return this to UCL Careers before the internship starts.

Benefits and Tangible Skills the intern will gain

The intern would have learned about 
the functioning of a small consultancy company, 
understanding about how projects are competitively tendered for and 
what kinds of clients (and what client needs) a company like this will encounter, in the heritage sector and possibly beyond

They will have worked in 
data analysis
report writing
preparing project proposals
e-learning development

They will have had the opportunity to attend conferences and professional meetings,
in UK and 
potentially elsewhere in Europe too.


UCL Degree courses that would be most relevant for this role

The opportunity is open to all UCL courses but the following courses may be of particular relevance:

  • UCL Institute of Archaeology
  • UCL Geography
  • UCL History
  • UCL Statistical Science
  • Barlett Faculty of the Built Environment

This opportunity is part of the UCL Careers Summer Internship Scheme. Part of the wage for the successful intern is provided by Santander Universities, but the successful intern will be paid the full amount through the host company's payroll as normal.

Note: By applying for this vacancy below, you confirm that you are a current UCL student, recent UCL graduate or member of UCL research staff only. You must submit a cover letter tailored specifically to this role as part of the application.

Due to the high amount of interest that we receive for each of our roles, we will unfortunately be unable to respond to each application individually. Only successful applicants will be contacted directly by the recruiter offering this vacancy.

If you are a current undergraduate / postgraduate or recent graduate, we advise that you book an appointment to have your application checked with one of our Application Advisors at UCL Careers.

Go to for information about booking an appointment.

If you are a PhD student and would like some advice on non-academic CVs and applications, please follow the link to a webinar here: Watch now...

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